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Los Angeles Guided Tours

How would you like to go on an all-inclusive guided tour of some of Los Angeles' most storied locales? Trust Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours, LA's largest and most dedicated tour operator, to connect you with great deals, comfortable sightseeing accommodations, and a fun environment. Our company delivers low prices and excellent service time and again--check out the customer review page on-site--thanks in part to the fact that we focus exclusively on LA sightseeing possibilities.

Los Angeles Guided Tours at Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours

Other tour operators in the area split their focus by providing tours to multiple cities. With Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours, you can set your itinerary on site. One great place to go is Universal Studios. The Universal Studios tour lasts three quarters of a day or a whole day and departs in the morning.

Check out prices for adults and children on site--these costs generally include round-trip transport to and from your hotel. At Universal Studios City Walk, you can enjoy great meals, go on rides like Terminator 2 3D and Revenge of the Mummy, and do a lot of fun people watching. You can see relics from some of the most famous movie shoots of all time.

Drive by the hotel from Psycho, take a tram tour over a water way filled with the same shark used in Jaws, and discover a cameo from some famous figures from Back to the Future (e.g. Michael J Fox's De Lorean). Check out Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours and book a tour today! You can schedule a tour by phone at 1-800-870-1886 or online


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