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Los Angeles California Tourist Attractions

From film landmarks to historical sites, there are many Los Angeles, California tourist attractions. Los Angeles was incorporated over 150 years ago in 1850. During that time, the city has grown tremendously becoming the second largest in the country. A blend of styles that grew from the varied cultures that made Los Angeles our home, the city offers tourists a unique location that has had a profound influence on the world's culture over the last 75 years.

Film Industry Influence on Los Angeles California Tourist Attractions

Los Angeles's primary influence comes from its film industry. In the early 20th Century, filmmakers realized that sunlight was of vital importance to our ability to make films. This led the industry to settle in Los Angeles--a place that offered warm weather, plenty of sunshine and a dry climate that was far less corrosive on our equipment. Los Angeles's growth has gone hand in hand with that of the film industry's, which is why the city has so many historical landmarks that pay tribute to it.

For tourists coming to Los Angeles, the most popular attractions are usually those that are film related. Whether it's the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, studios or movie star homes, most people come to Los Angeles to see where movies are made and celebrities live. Although the city offers far more than just film, many tours are designed specifically to meet these demands.

For over 10 years, Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours has been offering access to the best Los Angeles, California tourist attractions. With over a dozen different tours, visitors can choose to see and discover many aspects of the city. Recognizing that the film industry is of primary interest, many of our tours are geared toward the numerous film landmarks in the city. For more information, explore our website or contact us via our toll-free phone number at 1-800-870-1886


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