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Los Angeles Architecture Tours

Trying to compartmentalize Los Angeles's architecture is impossible. Much like the sprawling city is made up of numerous communities, each of which is quite different from the next, there are homes and buildings showcasing almost every architectural style imaginable. Whether it's Spanish, Mediterranean, Colonial or Art Deco, the city truly offers an unparalleled range of architectural variety.

Los Angeles Architecture Tours for Design Enthusiasts

Having been occupied by the Spanish during the 18th century and having seen a large influx of immigrants from nearby Mexico, many of Los Angeles's older buildings showcase Spanish architecture. Nevertheless, as the city began to grow and the film industry planted its roots, this consistency rapidly faded. Downtown Los Angeles includes a number of magnificent buildings such as the art deco Oviatt and the breathtaking Bradbury Building.

The surrounding neighborhoods of Los Angeles grew at an exponential rate, leading to the construction of numerous bungalows in the '20s and housing developments in the '50s. In richer parts of town, such as Beverly Hills, the rows of mansions vary tremendously, reflecting the styles of the owners rather than a conformist community. For those interested in a Los Angeles architecture tour, there is much to see and discover.

Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours offers some of the best architectural tours in the city. From important landmarks to scenic drives, visitors get to enjoy the variety that makes Los Angeles such a unique place to live. Reservations can be made online or by contacting us via our toll-free phone number at 1-800-870-1886.


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